About IPI

  • The Informed Patient Institute (IPI) is an independent nonprofit organization that provides credible online information for consumers about health care quality, patient safety and health care costs.
  • IPI rates the usefulness of online doctor, hospital, and nursing home report cards. We don't rate individual health facilities or practitioners — but we'll tell you who does.
  • We also provide Tip Sheets about what to do if you have a concern about quality in a hospital, nursing home or physician's office — starting in California, Connecticut, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.
  • IPI also advocates for making more–and more useful–health care quality and cost information available to consumers.
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How We Rate Sites

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  • IPI staff rates websites that provide performance information about health care providers and professionals.
  • Sites are assigned a grade of "A" (outstanding) to "F" (not worth your time).
  • Sites that have unique content are given a "U" for Unique.
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What's New

IPI in the Press

Orange County Hospitals Perform Better Than State Average in Quality Ratings - Orange County Register, 4/18/2017

http://www.ocregister.com/2017/04/1 8/orange-county-hospitals-perform-b etter-than-state-average-in-quality -rankings/

Report on Physician Sexual Abuse Stirs Alarm - CNN, 7/12/2016

http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/11/healt h/doctor-sexual-abuse/

What You Don't Know About Your Doctor Could Kill You, 3/29/2016

http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/ health/doctors-and-hospitals/what-y ou-dont-know-about-your-doctor-coul d-hurt-you/index.htm

The Voices of Patient Harm - Propublica, 12/18/2015

https://www.propublica.org/article/ patient-safety-voices-advice
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IPI Reports/Blogs

Consumer Reports Safe Patient Project and Informed Patient Institute Report: Seeking Doctor Information Online (3/16)

www.informedpatientinstitue.org/Seeking Doctor Information Online.pdf

IPI Connecticut Hospital Quality Tip Sheet (9/14)


IPI Connecticut Dr. Quality Tip Sheet (9/14)


IPI Connecticut Nursing Home Quality Tip Sheet (9/14)


"A Report Card on Doctor Report Cards" - Prepared Patient Blog, 12/17/13

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Sites that offer unique content that is worthwhile, but do not fit most of IPI's rating criteria, are given a ā€œUā€ for Unique. As an example, perhaps a site provides information about complaints or regulatory actions not found elsewhere.