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How Do We Rate Sites?

IPI staff rate websites based on over 15 criteria in 6 areas: the site's content, timeliness, presentation, ease of use, information to help make decisions, and special features. Sites are then assigned a grade of "A" (outstanding) to "F" (not worth your time) based on how they score on those criteria. Sites that offer unique content that is worthwhile, but do not fit most of IPI's rating criteria, are given a "U" for Unique. Sites are listed in rank order based on their overall IPI score. Sites will be periodically re-reviewed to identify any changes.

IPI Rating Criteria

I. Content:

Does the site offer information on complaints, clinical quality of care, patient satisfaction, cost, staffing, state survey findings, infection rates, resident demographics, malpractice, or adverse events? (Note: criteria will vary depending on the type of facility or professional)

II. Timeliness

Is the information provided by the site less than two years old? Are multiple years of performance available? Does the site readily indicate when information was last updated?

III. Presentation

Is information about "better performers" and "poorer performers" readily apparent? Is it written using jargon–free, easy–to–use language? Does the site provide the ability to see information in more than one way? Does it provide more detailed information about a provider?

IV. Ease of Use

Can users find information within a reasonable amount of time? Can information be printed in an easy–to–view format?

V. Information to Help Make Decisions

Does the site provide clear explanatory information about the performance information? Does it provide other contextual information to aid in decision–making? Does the site provide active links to other useful information? Does the site have a decription of the methodology that they use?

VI. Special Features/Negative Features

IPI's rating system allows reviewers the ability to add or subtract up to 5 points for especially positive or negative site features.